2019 Pharmacology

Los invitamos a participar en el Congreso Farmacología Habana 2019 que tendrá lugar entre el 27 y el 31 de octubre del año en curso, en el Hotel Habana Libre. En el marco del congreso se desarrollará el VII Taller Internacional de Diseño y Comunicación de Ensayos Clínicos. Este evento constituye una oportunidad para reunir profesionales y estudiantes vinculados al desarrollo de los ensayos clínicos, potenciando la colaboración y el apoyo nacional e internacional.

Receptivo Oficial del Evento


Agencia receptiva en Cuba. Usted debde contactar con ellos cuando arrive al aeropuerto, en el hotel y en la sede del evento. El representante le asistir durante su estancia en nuestro pais.

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Programa General




Call for Abstracts:  Send the abstract only by Email to


  • The Organizers will publish the full Scientific Program via Website with Keynote Address from well-known invited speakers and Oral Presentations chosen from submitted abstracts.
  • When sending the abstract, please, indicate the Workshop and Topic in which you would like to be included.
  • Oral and Poster presentations should be clearly indicated.
  • The Organizing Committee will have the right of choosing oral presentation.
  • English is the Congress official languages. We inform all delegates, that if anyone is limited to making their presentation in English for reasons inherent to the limited proficiency and fluency that has the English language, the Scientific Committee strongly asks you to make at least the preparation of the slides of its presentation in English, since simultaneous translation is not foreseen during the congress.
  • The Organizing Committee of Pharmacology Havana 2019 will inform authors via E-mail about the acceptance of presentations, not later than one month after the deadline for the reception of the abstracts.
  • Full Instructions for Write Abstract in: Congress Website http://www.pharmacologyhavana The abstracts should be sent only by  E-mail:
  • Authors should provide their abstract in English, in Word format (Arial, 12 pt, Single space). Title: In Black and capital letter, Abstract in Arial 10. Authors: Last name and first letter of the name using comas between every author (in black). The name of the author who will present the work should be underlined e.g. Rodeiro I, Menendez R, Remirez D, Institutions, Addresses, E-mail. Abstracts should be clear and precise. Abstract should contain a brief Introduction, Materials and Methods used, the Results and Discussion achieved in research and Conclusions. 300 words maximum. Abstracts not fulfilling the instructions described will be automatically rejected.
  • The lecturer should provide his full name, address of institution, e-mail, fax and telephone number. Without providing this information the abstract won’t be accepted.
  • The Congress program will be also printed and distributed with documentation on site.
  • Facilities will be available in the Workshop sessions for computer-assisted presentations. You need to bring your presentation on a floppy disk (3.5 "/1.44 MB, no ZIP disk), on a CD, or on a flash memory using the USB port. Participants presenting with a Macintosh presentation are requested to use their own laptop, making sure the laptop has a VGA socket for sending images to the projector (external feed)
  • Please, use the EXAMPLE OF ABSTRACT FORM. Select the SYMPOSIUM, Workshop or CONGRESS where you prefer to present your work.




Presidents of the Congress:
DrC. Maria Acelia Marrero Miragaya, President, Cuban Society of Pharmacology
DrC. René Delgado Hernández, Past President Cuban Society of Pharmacology

President of Organizing Committee:
MSc. Mario Landys Chovel Cuervo, Vice President, Cuban Society of Pharmacology

Others Vice Presidents:
DrC. Diadelis Remirez Figueredo, CECMED, Cuban Society of Pharmacology
MSc. Mayté Amoroto Roig, CENCEC. Clinical Trials Workshop
MSc. Ignacio Hernández González. CENTIS, Pharmacometric Congress
Dra. Amaylid Arteaga García, Director, CENCEC.

Others members
MSc. Miguel David Fernández, ICIMAR, President of Preclinical Pharmacology Section
Dr. Alberto I. Hernandez Rodriguez, CENCEC, President of Clinical Pharmacology Section
DrC. Juan A Furones Mourelles, ENSAP, President Phamacoepidemiology Section
Dra. Nancy Yodú Ferral, UCM La Habana, President of Education Section
Dra. Ana Karelia Ruiz Salvador, UCM La Habana, Vice President Education Section
Dra. Celia Alonso Rodríguez, HHA, President of Chronopharmacology Section
Dra. Yaimi Rosales, HHA, Vice President Chronopharmacology Section
MSc. Maria Cristina Lara Bastanzuri, MINSAP, President Pharmacoeconomic Section
DrC Silvio Perea Rodríguez, CIGB, President Immunopharmacology Section
MSc. Carmen Portuondo Sánchez, CECMED, Web site of Cuban Pharmacology Society
Dra. Mirtha Llanio Villate, SCF, Attention of Cuban Provincial Sections
MSc. Mayté Amoroto Roig, Vice Director, CENCEC.
MSc. Julian Rodriguez Alvarez. Director, International Cooperation, CENCEC.
DrC Sandra Álvarez Guerra. CENCEC, Workshop Clinical Trials
MSc. Ignacio Hernández González, CENTIS, Pharmacometric Congress
DrC Leyanis Rodriguez Vera. IFAL, Pharmacometric Congress
DrC. Gledys Reynaldo Rodríguez. IFAL, Pharmacometric Congress
Dr. Mariela León Pérez, CENTIS, Pharmacometric Congress
Dr. Nubia Martín Columbié, CENTIS, Pharmacometric Congress
DrC. Marian Hernández Colina, IFAL, Dean, Pharmacy and Food Institute, University of Havana
DrC. Sonia Resik, IPK Institute of Tropical Medicine
Lic. Heinay de Armas Muñoz, CENCEC, Workshop Clinical Trials
MSc. Lisette Perez Ojeda, CECMED, Symposium of Regulatory Affairs.

President: DrC. Idania Rodeiro Guerra (ICIMAR). Email:
Secretary: DrC. Lizette Gil del Valle. (IPK). Email: Send the abstract to

DrC. Roberto Menéndez Soto del Valle (CNEURO)
DrC. Giset Jiménez López (CECMED)
DrC. Ismary Alfonso Orta (CECMED)
DrC. Odalys Blanco Hidalgo (CENSA)
DrC. Gilberto L. Pardo Andreu (IFAL)
Dra. Santa Deybi Orta (SCF)
DrC. Ana Maria Hernández
DrC. Rolando Felipe Ochoa (INST FINLAY OF VACCINES)
DrC. Bárbara Beatriz Garrido Suarez (ICIMAR)
DrC. Caridad Sedeño Argilagos (IFAL)
DrC. Miladys Limonta (CIGB)
DrC. Reinaldo Acevedo Grogues (INST FINLAY OF VACCINES)
DrC Javier Marin Prida (IFAL)
DrC. Maria Aida Cruz Barrios (ENSAP)
DrC Anais García Fariñas (INST FINLAY OF VACCINES)
DrC Sandra Álvarez Guerra (CENCEC)
DrC Héctor L. Lara Fernández (CENCEC)
MSc.  Ania Torres Pombert (CENCEC)
MSc Ivis C. Mendoza Hernández (CENCEC)
MSc. Yisel Avila Albuerne (CENCEC)
MSc. Roselín Valle Cabrera (CENCEC)
MSc. Yamira Suarez Perez (CECMED)
MSc. Lisette Pérez Ojeda (CECMED)
DrC. Miguel Angel Cabrera Pérez (UCLV)
Dr. Carlos González Delgado (CENATOX)


Preclinical Pharmacology Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacology Antibiotic resistance Pharmacoepidemiology Bioinformatics applied to pharmacology Pharmacovigilance Pharmacological Biomodels Pharmacoenconomic Promotion and Rational Use of Drugs Pharmacology of Natural Products Teaching of Pharmacology Pharmacometric Molecular Modeling Immunopharmacology Generic Drugs Neuropharmacology Discovering of New Drugs Chronopharmacology Bioethics in pharmacological sciences Ethnopharmacology Intellectual Property Pharmacogenetic Pharmacotherapeutic Inflammation Mediators Alternative Methods in pharmacology Endothelial Dysfunctions Pharmacogenomic and Pharmacoproteomic Cardiovascular Pharmacology Biodrug delivery Pharmacological receptors Vaccines and biotherapeutics products Integrative Medicine Clinical trials Oxidative stress Stem cells Pharmacology and therapeutic in Special Populations Pharmacological base of Traditional Medicine